Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Crop & Retreat

Its been more than a month since I posted - eek! I've slapped my wrist! The time just flies by sometimes!

Sad to say I haven't done much in the way of crafting during May - my mojo went with my get up & go! I did manage most of the LOs for my Mickey (the kitten) album - 28 in total (yeah, okay maybe I did do some crafting!) and have now finished the other 9. Its been quite emotional, maybe thats why my mojo left me - who knows!

Anyway, I went to my monthly crop at Wrenbury on the first Saturday of June - had a good laugh, there was only 6 of us this time but still had a great time. I took far too many page kits to do but somehow managed a record of 4 LOs in the 6 hours I was there - probably helped by some sketches I had ready and the fact I'd forgotten to take anything to use for titles, so I've just finished those these weekend.
The second weekend of June was a 'mini retreat' with other UKS teamies - out in the beautiful Peak District, no phone signal or internet! My BFF Suzy was poorly so she couldn't come :( - but I had the lovely company of MJ, Sue & Katy. We went on a workshop at Artist Trading Post on the Saturday and spent the majority of the weekend scrapping, eating or chatting! We did manage some sleep, when the noisy neighbours below us (in a converted barn) finally shut up and went to sleep!!!

Now 27 weeks pregnant, only 13 to go! Still being sick in the mornings with the occasional day of nausea throughout but overall, everything is going well. Hormones are playing up with very itchy hands and legs but hey, nothing about this pregnancy has been straightforward so far!!!

We have a girls name sorted out but no boys names yet. We're not telling anyone what we've picked. One more week and I've got to have a glucose tolerance test and we've got another scan, so hopefully baby will be playing fair and let us know if we need to pick a boys name or not!


  1. Fabulous layouts Ally, don't beat yourself up about not blogging, I think you've got more on your plate at the moment.

  2. Good to see your mojo has returned! Those LOs are fabby! I love the YEEHAW Cowboy one as it's very eyecatching. Well done and hope the mojo stays!

  3. Great Lo's Ally, take things as they come and enjoy the summer xxx