Thursday, 22 April 2010


Right thought I better pop back on to show you some more of my craftiness over the past couple of weeks, as I haven't been blogging again! Been too busy scrapping!

I've done a few of class kits that I've had lying around for a while - here are a few of them.

This was a spare kit I picked up at the ScrapaGoGo retreat last October - strictly speaking it should be two 6"x12" LOs but I've stuck them onto one 12" square cardstock for ease of filing away! Very "Vintage" with lots of things going on - I wouldn't normally use this much on a layout but love love love it!Next 3 LOs are from class kits for another ScrapaGoGo event I should have gone to at the end of February but having only come out of hospital the day before (from the 'orrible pregnancy sickness period), I wasn't able to go to the event. But the class kits were sent to me so I've still been able to take part.

First is Andy with a real 'Oi!' pose of 'Why are you pointing that camera at me yet again?' and 'What on earth do you think you are doing actually taking a photo?' Tee Hee!!!
Next up is of niece Ellie with her brand spanking new PINK piano for Christmas 2008. She was really REALLY into music at the time and would love to sing along to Take That! Well, who doesn't!!!???
This next class kit was great fun to put together. It was perfect for the photo of Kyle after I suddenly decided to take him to Congleton Paddling Pool in summer '08. He had swimming shorts on as it was a very hot day so we were sorted! So I thought! Luckily I found a towel in the car, because I certainly didn't have any dry clothes with us! Hence the title of 'Where are my clothes?' which were exactly Kyle's words when it was time to go home! OOPS!
Last week on UKS, the Weekly Challenge prompted this LO 'Bubble Time' taken of Kyle in a Jacuzzi Bath we had in our suite at The Gretna Green Hotel (where we stayed when we got married at The Blacksmiths Shop last May) - as we have a wet room at home with no bath, Kyle was thoroughly enjoying having a bath for a change, with lots of BUBBLES!

This last layout is the one I had just finished before I heard the news about losing my beloved Mickey. The photo was taken last August when the kittens were about 3 months old so still not 'allowed' out. They had escaped though but Andy was faster on this occasion and caught them both! Mickey is the one looking at the camera.

Some news to come in the next posting of a new member of our household - a very cute little girl!


Saturday, 10 April 2010

RIP Mickey

Mickey Starbucks TigerPaws
(6th May 2009 - 10th April 2010

He was such a beautiful & adorable cat with an amazing personality!
I'll miss him trying to wake me up at 6.30am by rubbing his nose against mine!
We'll miss his very loud purr & insistent nature that he just HAD to be fussed!
He was one of the family, a little furry bundle full of character and love!
I'll even miss the toads & fish he brought us!

A month off being a year old and only 9 months after getting him, he was taken from us far too quickly. Mickey is now buried in our garden, Costa (his sister) is pining for him and I can't stop crying!

Andy is almost as bad as me but Kyle has being an absolute trooper - by trying to cheer us - bless him! Kids are just so resilient, aren't they? Costa has slept indoors or stayed with us as much as she can since the boys got home! I hadn't realized how much it hurts to lose a pet!

RIP Mickey - we love you & we miss you!
x x x

Monday, 5 April 2010

An excuse???

Does this count as an excuse for not doing the washing? Hope so, cos its my excuse and I'm sticking to it! Mickey sleeps in the strangest of places! He particularly likes sleeping on paper!
Have niece Emily and nephew Joe with me today. Took them and Kyle to see How To Train Your Dragon today in 3D - first time I've seen a film in 3D, it is good but the film was better - if you've been thinking about going to see it, then stop thinking and go! You'll enjoy it!

Had a very creative day yesterday - what, again? I hear you cry - yup! I'm using up my GoGo kits or at least trying to! Not all my own Mojo at use, a few lifts but credit is given!

First, a mini book (from October 2008 kit) called Concentration - with pics of Kyle concentrating on writing a story and playing the Wii! Painted the back of each chipboard page and used similar papers that Nicola on the GoGo DT used and kept the journalling very short & sweet!Then before the remnants of the kit were 'filed' away, I created 2 layouts

Rocky is my wolf in the spirit world who looks after me, my family and my home. I bought this picture about 20 years ago after seeing it in a shop, going home then having to go out again to get it! But I only found out about Rocky being my wolf about 4 years ago!

And lastly "Priceless" - my first LO about my dear nephew Dylan - this photo was taken just before his 1st birthday! He's now 2 1/2!


Some more creativeness and another blog post - 2 in a week, whatever next!

Firstly my LO 'Just Posing' created for March Week 5 Challenge over on UKS. Used Cosmo Cricket Snorkel range - only to realize that this is now the second LO of Kyle after a bath using the same range - oops, oh well, it just lends itself so well to Bathtimes!

Just Stalking The Dog is a LO about something Kyle did on a regular basis once he learnt to crawl. Luckily the dogs (only Sam showing in the photos) were very good with him and would do a gently growl or move away, which of course, meant that Kyle would carry on chasing them!
I used the March GoGo kit and heavily lifted this LO from one of the DT members, Angie, using Bella Blvd Superstud paper and Sassafrass Amplify papers & letters. I'm a sucker for papers that I can cut something out of - its very therapeutic!

Also using my GoGo kit I completed the project kit of BoBunny Arrow Mini Book - all about Kyle and his posing!So for the 3rd month running, I have made an extremely heavy dent in my GoGo Kits IN THE SAME MONTH - only embellishments left really and some cardstock but plenty of use out of the stamps! Wonder if I can manage it for a 4th month or even all the year!? Hmmmm.....

Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Fractured Event!

Thursday 1st April turned out to be a very tiring day for me! Early afternoon, I received a phonecall which saw me off to the hospital to see my son, Kyle (who had been spending time at his dads over the Easter holidays). It was a possible dislocation of his little finger on his right hand!
Nope, not dislocated - It was broken - aaarrrrgggghhhhh!

At first the docs were going to operate the next morning to pull it straight but a lovely doc by the name of Roger came back into the ward just before 9pm and said he'd looked at the x-rays again and thought it would be possible with an injection or even just Gas & Air!

Kyle finally agreed to give it a go! Not any easy decision for a 7 year old to make!

It was very surreal to see your 7 year old start looking all drunk and talking funny! He proudly announced at one point that it 'smelt like OWLS!' and No, I don't know how he knows what Owls smell like but he was adamant about it!!!

So with us and a nurse all telling him to keep breathing deeply (we're all doing it as well) and a Where's Wally? book to distract him (and hide what the doc was doing), it went back into place fairly smoothly with only a few Owwwww's along the way. The doc did try to inject his finger to anesthetize it but that must have hurt more than the pulling of the finger as Kyle wouldn't let him do it!

It was soon strapped up and off for a second x-ray to make sure it was in the right position! Thankfully it was! This meant he was able to come home instead of staying in hospital, which also meant I didn't have to cope with the put-u-up bed the hospital had - Oh, was I grateful for that!

So in the middle of a 12 night stay with Dad, Kyle got to spend a night at home with us and I'm very grateful for that too! I really miss him when he's away for a night, never mind 12!

He was very brave and Andy & I were soooooooooo PROUD of him! Its not an easy thing to cope with as an adult but at the age of 7, he was a real trooper!