Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WOYWW 102 - with NO Internet :-(

All of a sudden its Wednesday again!

Last week I didn't blog, because I couldn't! NO INTERNET!!! After deciding to move providers, Plusnet were keeping us connected till the 20th, Sky are connecting us on the 19th (tomorrow thank goodness!) so we weren't going to be without!!! Hmmph - that was until BT stuck their oar in and cut us off on the 5th - 2 weeks without - I truly feel like I've lost a limb! How soon we get used to having all this fabulous technology at our fingertips!!! So this post goes out from a quick visit to my parents to use their connection!!!

Anyway, back to WOYWW... you'll see the start on my latest LO for the GoGo Chinese Whispers - I'm using the back of one of the die-cut sheets from the April kit and have sprayed/misted it with Bonny Blue & Lemonade Mr Huey Mists from Studio Calico. Just waiting for it to dry before I crack on with it… whenever that will be!!! It may still be there next week - who knows!!! LOL

Head over to the Julia's, creator of WOYWW to see what its all about!


  1. Glad that you are connected again - can't wait to see what you make with that lovely misted sheet.

  2. Wow a fortnight without - how much time have you gained?! Blogger was down for about 48 hours last week and I did so much!! Love the spray on the back idea - look forward to seeing the finish..or the in progress!

  3. No interenet is just plain torture is n't it? Hope you get online tomorrow!

  4. Get that heat gun on it and we'll be able to see the results. Don't keep us in suspense!!
    JoZarty xx

  5. Yep, definitely use the heat gun to speed up the drying! Amazing how much re rely on technology these days isn't it?

    Brenda 84

  6. We are quite vulnerable when you think how we rely on this technology. Ah well. Taking one step at a time. All the best,
    Ros. (140)