Thursday, 21 July 2011

Scrapology Card Challenge - July

Over on Scrapology, the lovely SJ of Little Musings set the Card Challenge of 'Anything but square' & the design team used her digital stamps. I was Guest Designer again and used a mix of digital stamps in Photoshop Elements to get the picture I wanted, before setting it out on A4 so I could print it and use it for decoupage.

I created a picture for myself rather than a card to give away. I like the picture too much :)

I used Tree Carving, Layered Liam & Layered Lillie. SJ includes a coloured version of the stamps as well as a blank version. I used the coloured version, just changing the girls top to blue. I added text to the heart 'A-squared' for me & Andy. The joy of being able to use PSE :)

Oops, I realized after I'd stuck everything together that as the heart is carved 'into' the tree, maybe I should've inverted the heart by creating more background layers instead & cutting the heart out!

Oh well, c'est la vie! I still like it & most things I make usually have an error somewhere, just to prove I'm not perfect!!! LOL


  1. Of course you're perfect :) oohh this a lovely card

  2. What a lovely card Ally!