Friday, 10 September 2010

It's September at last!!!

Phew! Made it into September! Now at 39 weeks and no sign of baby coming yet! Despite being told I'd probably be induced a week early due to the SPD, it hasn't happened and nothing will happen now until next clinic appointment on 14th Sept! Unless Mother Nature takes over before then!!! Fingers Crossed!!! LOL

Kyle has started Year 3 (Juniors) at school - in a mixed class (Year 3/4) of the eldest children from Year 3 and the youngest from Year 4. All due to the number of children! We took the now traditional first day at school photos ready for a LO in the future but here he is - one of his mad poses!

My best friend Suzy has bought us (well, baby!) a gorgeous sleeping bag from Mothercare's Baby K range - I love the colours - purple, orange, teal, black, white & grey! So much so I was contemplating on buying the blanket from the same range but at £32 for a blanket I decided against it!
Instead I decided to do my own in the ripple pattern I saw on Attic 24 blog - so I bought this beautiful soft cotton wool (by Sirdar) then had to buy some more because I hadn't bought enough the first time and got to work! After 110 rows and a double row of edging all around, I now have (well, the baby now has!) a lovely soft blanket to snuggle under!And did I save any money by doing the blanket myself - NO and YES!

NO - the wool cost me £50 including postage in the end (still have some left over) and

YES - its more than twice the size of the Mothercare blanket, its homemade and it was made with Love!!!


  1. Gorgeous blanket Ally, well done! Im sure it will last a lot longer than the mothercare one too as its held together with love xx

  2. Awesome blanket Ally! I definitely agree that it's better than the shop bought one. I'm sure little pink ribbon will love it!! LOL @ Kyle's expression too. hee hee.

  3. Oh you got be blubbing now!!! Made with love!!!

    its gorgeous Ally and you are so talented and I so can't wait to see pics of your precious bundle!!! so get a bloomin' move on girly


  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, your precious Red ribbon is going to look so cute in the blanket.