Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Zentangle ATCs

I've been looking at the Zentangle blog and receiving the newsletters for soooooooooo long now but never really got round to actually doing a Zentangle! Pretty normal for me!!!

When an ATC Zentangle swap appeared on UKS, I signed up immediately - despite my resolution that I would not do anymore swaps - hey I kept to it for over 8 months!!!

And I have to say I'm suitably impressed with myself! Each ATC is different but with the same heart shape in the middle. Eight done so far, may have another 7 to do yet but have felt very relaxed doing them - although it may not be ideal to do so many all at once - right wrist & shoulder are complaining a little!!! LOL

Quick update on Bump - nothing happening yet - had hospital appointment this morning, have midwife appointment next Tuesday, and if Mother Nature doesn't get a move on, it'll be the 28th when I go into hospital to be induced!


  1. They look fabulous Ally. I nearly signed up for that one myself.

  2. I can honestly say I'm so impressed with these ... wow madam, they're gorgeous.

    Sending you lots and lots of love and hugs your way xxxx

  3. These are brilliant - very beautiful. Have shown to DD as she's into art like this. Also very impressed.