Sunday, 24 October 2010


So much to catch up with... grab a cuppa - this could be a long one!

Madison has been weighed twice by the health visitor and is just over her birth weight which is good! She's sleeping well when she has a good feed but when she falls asleep early on in the feed, she doesn't sleep for very long afterwards! But we do tend to get spells of 4 or 5 hours during the night!
We're getting lots of beautiful smiles from the little lady so they more than make up for the lack of sleep!!!Before the appearance of Madison, I made this mini book for my best friend & Godmum-to-Madison Suzy after watching the incredibly talented Laura create a Grungepaper & Canvas mini album - lots of inking involved with red & orange fingers for the main part of a week!!! I finally gave it to Suzy after Madison was born - its for her to put whatever photos and memories of hers & Madison's time together.
I have been able to do a couple of LOs - first 'Les Fleurs' for Suzy's Weekly Challenge over on UKS & I shocked both Suzy & myself by using the pink Cosmic Shimmer mist that my friend Sam sent me in an attempt to get me used to pink stuff! These three beautiful bouquets of flowers bought after the birth of Madison by Andy, my parents and my fabulous UKS team The Indecisives, deserved a LO to show them off!

Pegs! was created for the October UKS house challenge to scrap your quirky traits & idiosyncrasies and to scrap in a style that is so NOT you! This more 'graphic' style is a style I've been meaning to scrap in for a while and I like it a lot - I think I'll be doing more LOs this way!

My journalling reads "Each item of clothing HAS to HAVE the same coloured pegs handing it up! Coloured clothing has coloured pegs - White clothing has White pegs! Different coloured pegs on one item puts me out of my comfort zone!" and its amazed me how many other people have admitted they do the same thing!!!


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, she's just so gorgeous .... ok, hand her over - I'm sure she want to come and stay with Aunty Sandra :lol: I'm loving the grungepaper album - I bought some a while back and still haven't used it. Maybe I will now. Really lovely layouts hun, you're way too talented, madam.

  2. Beautiful pics of Madison Ally xx And I love the idea of the canvas and grungeboard mini - Im sure Suzy will be over the moon to receive it.

  3. Madison is absolutely gorgeous, loving the Grungepaper book, only managed to do some die cuts with mine, liking the fact that I made you use pink... yay! I'm the same with Pegs, I get a bit disturbed when I don't have pegs that match my washing......

  4. Gorgeous photos of Madison Ally and love the layouts Mj x

  5. Beautiful baby - I am SO jealous that Hilary has seen her first - let me know when you are coming to Crewe again and we'll have coffee!
    Love the mini book too - Suzy will have loads to fill it with too. Hope you get some decent sleep soon. JJxx

  6. LOL Ally at the peg layout. I don't use white pegs but I do have to use matching pegs for each item of clothing, I can't mix them up!!

    Karen x