Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Times flies...

Wow - time really does fly by, doesn't it???

All of a sudden, Madison is 7 weeks old and Kyle has just turned 8 - 8!!!!! Where did the time go??? Now as I hold Madison in my arms, I remember how small Kyle once was and then I find myself wondering where the last 8 years have gone!!! I must have blinked for far too long!!! LOL

A quick catch up...

Halloween came and went - Madison had her own little outfit - come on, who on earth could resist this cute little number!!! Thanks to Fiona (aka Angelfish on UKS) for the heads up on this outfit!!!
As you can see, even Madison was full of glee with this outfit!

Then there was my fabulous friends' daughter who regularly comes to walk my pooch, who was looking for an excuse to dress up on Halloween, so she took Kyle out for 'Trick or Treat'...
For Kyle's eighth birthday, we went Ten-Pin Bowling and then Pizza Hut with his best friend Leo and our family...
And a LO, just the one!!! This took me a couple of weeks really, by snatching 5 or 10 mins here & there...

Introducing Madison...(used the most gorgeous Pixielicious range from Cosmo Cricket, which was part of the ScrapaGoGo kit for October!)

Madison has been having loads & I mean LOADS of cuddles from lots of friends and family - I can't show them all here as you'd never get the page to refresh properly!!! So instead, just a few smiles from Little Miss Indecisive (my team on UKS is 'The Indecisives') and/or the Ribbonette (on UKS, I'm part of the fabulous and best house - Red Ribbon House)...

Til next time...


  1. Beautiful photos of beautiful children Ally. Kyle looks so grown up I wouldn't have thought he was just 8. Madison is a real cutie and I love the layout x

  2. Awwwwww super cute pics Ally, love the Halloween outfit!! xx

  3. she is a complete little hunnybun and so cute :D

  4. She's adorable Ally! She's very expressive too. Give her some hugs from me too!

  5. aaawwwww, my darling little Ribonette - Aunty Sandra sends love and cuddles :) She looks so cute in her little outfit aawww xx. Late Happy Birthday wishes Kyle, you look so grown up :)

  6. Super cute baby - do I really have to wait until next year to see her :o(
    Congrats on completing your first LO about her, it's lovely and at least it didn't take nine months to do :o)