Monday, 25 April 2011

Flowers & Chocolate!

Don't you just love having lots of notice to do things???!!!

One of my mum's neighbours asked if I could make a birthday card for a friend of hers who was turning 100 in May. She had looked in card shops but couldn't find anything she liked as they mostly looked like they were sympathy cards!!! I thought loads of time til May, so I said Yes. Then I discovered on Saturday afternoon that the birthday was actually Tuesday, as in tomorrow!!! Thank goodness for Cricut machines! Here is the final result after cutting from Mothers Day Bouquet cartridge and a lot of inking!

I also managed to have a play with the coffee filters and made these flowers, as mentioned here - I only have a 2" scallop punch, so they are just one size but they are very easy to make - I'm sure they will appear on a LO soon!

My BBF bought us some bunnies for Easter - here they are...
I have never seen the cuddly Lindt bunny before but it is just gorgeous - for Madison of course! The 3 little bunnies were inside it - they are for Andy. There was a box of bunnies for Kyle (not pictured) and the larger chocolate bunny is DARK CHOCOLATE - ALL FOR ME!!! Ok, I have shared some of its ears, but thats my limit!!! LOL Thanks Suzy - very yummy!


  1. Love the card, and you did really well with the "short" notice. LOL The flowers are gorgeous. Love that cuddly Lindt bunny too! Hope you had a fantastic Easter.

  2. The card is beautiful Ally and lucky you with a dark chocolate bunny, my favourite too!

  3. Ally, love the card hon, it's gorgeous!! Must click on the link to see how you did the flowers! Ohhh chocolate Lindt bunnies! Only seen soft ones and dark chocolate ones in the States!!

  4. The card looks fab and so do those coffee filter flowers:) I had no idea there were dark chocolate Lindt bunnies! They must have been hiding from me!