Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Fractured Event!

Thursday 1st April turned out to be a very tiring day for me! Early afternoon, I received a phonecall which saw me off to the hospital to see my son, Kyle (who had been spending time at his dads over the Easter holidays). It was a possible dislocation of his little finger on his right hand!
Nope, not dislocated - It was broken - aaarrrrgggghhhhh!

At first the docs were going to operate the next morning to pull it straight but a lovely doc by the name of Roger came back into the ward just before 9pm and said he'd looked at the x-rays again and thought it would be possible with an injection or even just Gas & Air!

Kyle finally agreed to give it a go! Not any easy decision for a 7 year old to make!

It was very surreal to see your 7 year old start looking all drunk and talking funny! He proudly announced at one point that it 'smelt like OWLS!' and No, I don't know how he knows what Owls smell like but he was adamant about it!!!

So with us and a nurse all telling him to keep breathing deeply (we're all doing it as well) and a Where's Wally? book to distract him (and hide what the doc was doing), it went back into place fairly smoothly with only a few Owwwww's along the way. The doc did try to inject his finger to anesthetize it but that must have hurt more than the pulling of the finger as Kyle wouldn't let him do it!

It was soon strapped up and off for a second x-ray to make sure it was in the right position! Thankfully it was! This meant he was able to come home instead of staying in hospital, which also meant I didn't have to cope with the put-u-up bed the hospital had - Oh, was I grateful for that!

So in the middle of a 12 night stay with Dad, Kyle got to spend a night at home with us and I'm very grateful for that too! I really miss him when he's away for a night, never mind 12!

He was very brave and Andy & I were soooooooooo PROUD of him! Its not an easy thing to cope with as an adult but at the age of 7, he was a real trooper!


  1. ooohhh my word how painful does that look. Still, glad he's ok.

    Happy Easter Hun, xx

  2. Kyle was so brave, and I would have paid good money to see you all doing the breathing with him!!

    Hope you're working on the X Ray LO, as I can't wait to see it