Thursday, 22 April 2010


Right thought I better pop back on to show you some more of my craftiness over the past couple of weeks, as I haven't been blogging again! Been too busy scrapping!

I've done a few of class kits that I've had lying around for a while - here are a few of them.

This was a spare kit I picked up at the ScrapaGoGo retreat last October - strictly speaking it should be two 6"x12" LOs but I've stuck them onto one 12" square cardstock for ease of filing away! Very "Vintage" with lots of things going on - I wouldn't normally use this much on a layout but love love love it!Next 3 LOs are from class kits for another ScrapaGoGo event I should have gone to at the end of February but having only come out of hospital the day before (from the 'orrible pregnancy sickness period), I wasn't able to go to the event. But the class kits were sent to me so I've still been able to take part.

First is Andy with a real 'Oi!' pose of 'Why are you pointing that camera at me yet again?' and 'What on earth do you think you are doing actually taking a photo?' Tee Hee!!!
Next up is of niece Ellie with her brand spanking new PINK piano for Christmas 2008. She was really REALLY into music at the time and would love to sing along to Take That! Well, who doesn't!!!???
This next class kit was great fun to put together. It was perfect for the photo of Kyle after I suddenly decided to take him to Congleton Paddling Pool in summer '08. He had swimming shorts on as it was a very hot day so we were sorted! So I thought! Luckily I found a towel in the car, because I certainly didn't have any dry clothes with us! Hence the title of 'Where are my clothes?' which were exactly Kyle's words when it was time to go home! OOPS!
Last week on UKS, the Weekly Challenge prompted this LO 'Bubble Time' taken of Kyle in a Jacuzzi Bath we had in our suite at The Gretna Green Hotel (where we stayed when we got married at The Blacksmiths Shop last May) - as we have a wet room at home with no bath, Kyle was thoroughly enjoying having a bath for a change, with lots of BUBBLES!

This last layout is the one I had just finished before I heard the news about losing my beloved Mickey. The photo was taken last August when the kittens were about 3 months old so still not 'allowed' out. They had escaped though but Andy was faster on this occasion and caught them both! Mickey is the one looking at the camera.

Some news to come in the next posting of a new member of our household - a very cute little girl!


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  1. oh i love all of your pages much love and fun on each page! xx