Saturday, 10 April 2010

RIP Mickey

Mickey Starbucks TigerPaws
(6th May 2009 - 10th April 2010

He was such a beautiful & adorable cat with an amazing personality!
I'll miss him trying to wake me up at 6.30am by rubbing his nose against mine!
We'll miss his very loud purr & insistent nature that he just HAD to be fussed!
He was one of the family, a little furry bundle full of character and love!
I'll even miss the toads & fish he brought us!

A month off being a year old and only 9 months after getting him, he was taken from us far too quickly. Mickey is now buried in our garden, Costa (his sister) is pining for him and I can't stop crying!

Andy is almost as bad as me but Kyle has being an absolute trooper - by trying to cheer us - bless him! Kids are just so resilient, aren't they? Costa has slept indoors or stayed with us as much as she can since the boys got home! I hadn't realized how much it hurts to lose a pet!

RIP Mickey - we love you & we miss you!
x x x


  1. Aww Ally - soooo sad :(
    I know how you must be feeling hun and all I can say is that the hurt will get better. Big, big hugs xxxxx

  2. Huge hugs to you and yours Ally, Mickey looks and sounds like a superstar - he will shine down on you from Heaven! XXXX

  3. Ally, I'm so sorry you lost Mickey in such a horrible way. This is a beautiful tribute to a very special cat. You will cry and it will hurt for a long time. But one day you will smile, remember all his unique ways and realise that he is always with you. Hugs, love and kisses Suzy X

  4. Aw Ally I am so sorry for your loss. Big hug from me. Take care of each other. x

  5. aawww hun, I'm so sorry to read this ... you do need to cry and get all the hurt out. You'll always miss him, but soon you'll come to know that you gave him the happiest life any cat could have. He was loved so much. (((((BIG BIG HUGS)))))