Monday 23 August 2010

UKS Weekly Challenge August Wk4

I managed to finish a DLO today for this weeks challenge over on UKS - pictures and papers I've had lying around as a page kit for yonks! Really, YONKS!!! I first discovered UKS when it had its 5th Birthday Cybercrop (5 years ago!) and I was sooooo excited I bought almost every kit for the cybercrop, yet I hadn't really got a clue what a cybercrop was!!!

And this DLO was created from one of those kits!!!

Kyle was about 6 months old in these photos, we had just bought this little ball pit to take away with us in the caravan and he loved it!

Saturday 21 August 2010


So much for keeping this blog up to date - another month has just flown by!!!

End of Year 2 for Kyle which was quite hectic with school plays, street dance performances, pressies for Mrs Dean and Mrs Clarkson - these 2 mugs which I painted last minute (as per usual!!!)Then Andy, Kyle & I had a lovely holiday down in Cornwall for the first week of the summer holidays while my mum house & pet-sat for us! The weather was pretty good, it rained most nights but only during one day, whereas the weather at home was atrocious!!! Andy managed to get some fishing in (including losing his phone in the lake!!!) and Kyle did his first bit of fishing with his own fishing gear which Andy bought for him! I love this picture of them both...Since the holiday, its been pretty much back to normal, except Kyle has been playing a lot of Wii, DS & watching TV - unfortunately I haven't had much strength to do a lot of things with him but we've watched some DVDs together and had 'Us' time!

The pregnancy is still having its downside - morning sickness continues and I've been diagnosed with SPD which flippin' well hurts!!! Turns out I've had it for a few months now, but as the first physio I saw back in May said 'you don't get SPD til the 3rd trimester!', then several friends and a doctor told me that wasn't true, I've since seen another physio and she said I have it and from the pains I had back in May (and before) that I've had it for a long time!

At 36 weeks now, its getting harder and more painful to move around and I'm tending to feel very fed up and quite emotional!!!
On the positive side, I had a scan at 34 weeks (and will be having another on 31st Aug), the doctor said they may well induce me a week early due to the SPD!!! Yippee!!! When I saw the midwife this week, she said the same thing! Double Yippee!!! So fingers crossed, as that means less than 3 weeks to go!!! :)

I have scrapped but I've been slightly occupied with finishing a Disney Cars cross-stitch for Kyle (currently at the framers - so photo next time!) and after discovering this amazing blog called Attic24 with some beautiful crocheted creations, I've been hooked (pardon the pun!!!) on creating a ripple blanket for baby! Again, photo once finished!!! In the meantime, here are the LOs I have managed to do, since my last post!