Monday 16 July 2012

A Challenge you say... well WHY not!!!

Recently my craft desk has been tidy which means my Mojo is around more and I scrap more!

This afternoon's LO was in response to my BFF Suzy suggesting I take part in the Merly Impressions Layout Challenge this month which is to create a LO about why I scrap, including the words 'why I scrapbook'. 

Ok, good challenge but then as if that wasn't enough, I decided to challenge myself further by not using any patterned paper at all!  I must be mad considering I've just spent what seems like an eternity sorting out some of my older scrapbook kits to the point where I now have a Expedit square  full of beautiful patterned paper!  GULP!  Too much stash <----  hmmm, is that even possible???

Anyhow, here's my challenge LO, Why ...

So although there is no patterned paper in sight, I used lots of my favourite things at the moment instead - a Crafters Workshop Template used with Dylusions ink sprays (these are just pure lush colour in a bottle), the misted result cut out and machine sewn onto the LO, the netting from a mixed cheese bag from the supermarket, washi tape, a wood veneer heart which just happened to fit a stray heart I had on my desk from some Basic Grey paper (oooh, okay there is some pp but it is only a small amount - oops!), a strip of fab rips, a film strip die cut that I've been hoarding for a long time which house the miniature photos I printed, twine & some Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap all topped off with good ole corrugated lettering!  So even a little bit of recycling going on here too!

The six mini photos are a mix of myself, hubby, Kyle & Madison and you'll see why when you read the journalling ... "I'm often asked what is Scrapbooking but rarely Why?... For me, its my chance as a mother to record those memories that my otherwise be forgotten so that one day, Madison & Kyle will look back and reaize that they are the reason why I scrapbook now!"

So thank you Suzy for your suggestion and thank you Emilie for setting such a thought provoking challenge.

Until next time...

Sunday 8 July 2012

RIP Costa

Costa Princess Racoon
(6th May 2009 - 16th April 2012)

She was such a delicate little thing with such a sweet nature.  A really soppy puss cat when SHE wanted to be.  She was a very independent young lady, oh and she was a lady - don't let the photo of her sprawled across the bed fool you!  She just liked to stretch and boy, could she... she was such a long thing but so light.  She could jump upon you and you would barely know she was there.  She had the softest purr, the longest, bushiest tail we've ever seen on a cat - this is where the third name of Raccoon came from - and just the best kisses and snuggles.

It only just over 2 years ago we lost her brother Mickey and its heartbreaking that we lost Costa so young too and in the same horrible manner.  The siblings are now buried next to each other in our garden and I'm sure they are having lots of fun, causing mischief & mayhem, catching creatures of all sorts, wherever they may be as well as enjoying their cuddles that they so often had.

Kyle was understandably upset but he bounced back so much quicker this time, there were cuddles but he hadn't bonded as well with Costa, probably because she would jump just at him calling her name if he said it too loud!  Told you, the original scaredy cat at times!  Madison was able to stroke her many times but is still too young to realize that Costa is no longer with us.  

RIP Costa - we miss you so much but we will always love you.
x x x

Thursday 5 July 2012

Here's to 2012, well the 2nd half at least!

Well apart from the usual joke of 'I haven't blogged since last year', I was going to say does anyone know where December went? But I think I had better change that to where has half the year gone???!!! I had such plans for lots of scrapping & art Journalling! I planned on doing a December Daily album & an Art Journal Calendar à la Kate Crane style & Project Life, but it all went to pot far too quickly.

We've had a bad mixture of things to deal with from Madison falling downstairs (but she's made of tough stuff & was fine apart from a bruise!) to Andy being made redundant at the end of May! From fighting the system for my ESA benefit (which is now to go to a tribunal) to losing our beloved Costa (who was run over late one night outside the house, she died in our arms-see next post) to lots more besides!

Don't get me wrong! It hasn't all been doom & gloom, although there have been very dark skies above us for much too long, we have had some good things come our way & as long as we all have each other, we'll get through everything - eventually - I hope! Fingers Crossed!!!

So dear Blog, my intention is to record some of those good things over the next few weeks & hopefully intermingle them with current events!!!

Watch this space!