Sunday 30 January 2011

Dear Blog...

I'm so sorry! It appears I haven't updated you in a while, since last year in fact!!! :(

The rest of the year flew by! Christmas came and went - far too quickly!
Little Miss Christmas!

January has been a busy month so far, starting with me taking my mum to see Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt1 on Jan 1st - I'm determined to watch all the HP films at the cinema so Daddy had the little lady for the afternoon & they both survived! I'm starting the year as I mean to carry on!!!

Once Kyle was back in school, Madison & I took Nanni & Grandpa shopping and of course to Starbucks!
Where's Mine?

Jan 7th - someone decided to try to roll but since finding her toes on Jan 13th, she'd rather chew those instead!!!
Hmmmmm, Tasty Toes!

Kyle finally joined Cubs after 2 years on the waiting list for Beavers - he loved it & was desperate to get his uniform! In a few weeks, Little Man - be patient!!! LOL

We all went out for a Chinese Buffet with my mum & dad to celebrate mum's 80th birthday on Jan 19th - HAPPY 80TH MUM!!! - anyway, the food was fabulous, Kyle couldn't wait to get to the chocolate fountain! One finished plate, still with dropped chocolate led Grandpa to say he was surprized Kyle hadn't licked it clean - uh-oh!!!
Look what he did!!!

I gave myself whiplash!!! Don't ask!!! Oh, okay, if you insist!!! :snigger: I trapped my foot under front door whilst closing it and twisted & jarred the rest of me! My foot is absolutely fine but have spent the rest of the week feeling a little on the woozy side, with back & neck pain after seeing the doctor who can't give me anything stronger to take than the painkillers I'm already taking! That'll teach me to allow more time for going places and concentrating on what I'm doing!!!

And now today is Andy's 31st birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY! - it looks like January has pretty much come and gone as well!

So, blog... have you caught up yet? I'll be back soon to tell you about my crafting challenges this year!