Saturday 21 May 2011

I'm back in the Land of Technology!

Thank goodness!!!

Connection achieved at approximately 14.30 yesterday & I feel like I've been reunited with an old friend!!!

Don't you just love technology (apart from when it all goes wrong, of course!!!)

(& yes, I'm so sad too!!!) LOL LOL LOL

Wednesday 18 May 2011

WOYWW 102 - with NO Internet :-(

All of a sudden its Wednesday again!

Last week I didn't blog, because I couldn't! NO INTERNET!!! After deciding to move providers, Plusnet were keeping us connected till the 20th, Sky are connecting us on the 19th (tomorrow thank goodness!) so we weren't going to be without!!! Hmmph - that was until BT stuck their oar in and cut us off on the 5th - 2 weeks without - I truly feel like I've lost a limb! How soon we get used to having all this fabulous technology at our fingertips!!! So this post goes out from a quick visit to my parents to use their connection!!!

Anyway, back to WOYWW... you'll see the start on my latest LO for the GoGo Chinese Whispers - I'm using the back of one of the die-cut sheets from the April kit and have sprayed/misted it with Bonny Blue & Lemonade Mr Huey Mists from Studio Calico. Just waiting for it to dry before I crack on with it… whenever that will be!!! It may still be there next week - who knows!!! LOL

Head over to the Julia's, creator of WOYWW to see what its all about!

Thursday 5 May 2011

WOYWW 100 - on Thursday!!!

It did it again didn't it? It came round too fast again! Maybe now these bank holidays are out of the way & Kyle is back at school, we can get back to normal again - at least until the end of the month!!!

WOYWW has reached the Century mark - very close to the 2 year anniversary now - for more info, visit Julia's Stamping Ground.

So I forgot to take a photo & then when I did remember, it was too dark to get a decent shot! So here is my WOYWT instead!!!

Everytime I get a new border punch, I put a punched piece of paper on this green card which usually hangs above my desk - as my punches are stored in a drawer, this means that I can see what I have and I find that since I've done this, I use them more!

There are some American Crafts Thickers on there too from the Studio Calico kit I got in April - the one's that Suzy & I received were both damaged and replaced by SC along with other items that were damaged. You can also see a pack of Studio Calico wood veneer butterflies which Suzy bought for me as they were rapidly becoming a rare item in shops over here - Thank you Suzy!

Just showing on the bottom left corner is the A4 sketchbook I bought yesterday to use for my Soul Restoration 1 class I signed up for with Brave Girls Club. How on earth I think I'm going to find time for it... it's taken me all week to finish the LO that was on my desk last Wed!!!