Saturday 11 August 2012

Our latest addition

Its about time I blog about our latest addition,
 this 8 week old cute little fella!

He appeared in our lives on June 30th after a fair bit of  'do we? don't we?' about getting another kitty, after the loss of Costa.  We went to look at him and we were smitten immediately.  Kyle and Madison had no idea what we were doing so once we showed him to them, Kyle aaaaaarrrrrrrrhhhhhhh'ed a lot and Madison said 'pudtat' :)

His name is Anakin 'middle name to be completely decided' Skywalker.  Why?  He was born on May the 4th - Star Wars Day!!!  Of course!
Middle name is likely to be Springs as he really is the springiest little creature.  He bounds around the place, chases anything that moves, loves to play with receipts rolled into balls, has an extremely loud purr and is sooooooo inquisitive!  His neck seems to elongate when he's seen something that interests him!

He and Gizmo are still making friends, we knew it would take a while after having introduced Gizmo to Costa, but they are getting there - there are definitely less hisses from Gizmo nowadays.
Madison just adores him, I spent the first couple of weeks saying 'DON'T PULL HIS TAIL!' and mostly 'PUT  THE CAT DOWN!' - Madison would pick him up by whichever part of him she could grab hold of, often round his neck!!!  She would sit on him, hug him which was usually by flopping her head and upper body on top of him and even try to snuggle him into her neck!!!  Strangely, Madison doesn't worry about any scratches she receives and Anakin just takes it all in his stride!

He is now the grand old age of 14 weeks and has certainly succeeded in giving us some laughs at his strange antics.  Fortunately he still has lots of sleep and gives us lots of cuddles!  He is a super little bundle of fluff, but I don't think he will remain little for long, judging by the size of his paws!!!