Sunday 8 July 2012

RIP Costa

Costa Princess Racoon
(6th May 2009 - 16th April 2012)

She was such a delicate little thing with such a sweet nature.  A really soppy puss cat when SHE wanted to be.  She was a very independent young lady, oh and she was a lady - don't let the photo of her sprawled across the bed fool you!  She just liked to stretch and boy, could she... she was such a long thing but so light.  She could jump upon you and you would barely know she was there.  She had the softest purr, the longest, bushiest tail we've ever seen on a cat - this is where the third name of Raccoon came from - and just the best kisses and snuggles.

It only just over 2 years ago we lost her brother Mickey and its heartbreaking that we lost Costa so young too and in the same horrible manner.  The siblings are now buried next to each other in our garden and I'm sure they are having lots of fun, causing mischief & mayhem, catching creatures of all sorts, wherever they may be as well as enjoying their cuddles that they so often had.

Kyle was understandably upset but he bounced back so much quicker this time, there were cuddles but he hadn't bonded as well with Costa, probably because she would jump just at him calling her name if he said it too loud!  Told you, the original scaredy cat at times!  Madison was able to stroke her many times but is still too young to realize that Costa is no longer with us.  

RIP Costa - we miss you so much but we will always love you.
x x x


  1. I dropped by to thank you for visiting and leaving Fiona some love on her Sail Away With me post on my blog; and now I find myself moved by your loving tribute..a really touching post.